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Improve your balance with better vision

Your eyes are more than sight.  Sight is what you see with your eyes, vision is what you see with your mind.
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The four components of your visual system


Vision is a complex set of skills that allow us to understand space and interpret our visual world.


In order to feel balanced, the eyes, head, and body must all agree on where center is located.


When difficulty with attention and concentration begin to impact our quality of life it may be due to difficulty with our visual system.


Accuracy and coordination are critical to many functions in life. Accuracy is needed for sports, crafts and driving.

Success Stories from patients just like you

An angry high school student who thought he was just dumb.

“T” was a very angry high school student. When we got back to the treatment room he told me that his family was wasting their money, he was obviously stupid.

The truth is that T had a problem with his visual system.
illustration of angry high school student who needed visual help

See what we learned about T's condition and treatment plan

Kevin R.

75yr. old in Phoenix
I had a minor concussion after a car accident. I started having trouble reading. I thought it was my glasses, but it wasn't, it was my vision.

Beth L.

79yr. old in Tuscon
I was exhausted all the time. Reading was difficult. And the migraines.... after rehab my migraines are better and so is my balance.

Lonnie B.

74yr. old in Mesa
After my stroke I golfing and skiing again seemed impossible, but after therapy, I've been back on the slopes and links, no problem.