Vision & Balance is a visually based rehabilitation clinic focusing on the vision-body-brain integration.  

Dr. Tanya Polec has been...

The clinical director of Vision & Balance for over 15 years.

She is one of three on the National Executive Board of Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (

She is a consultant for:
- Sports Medical Concussion Center (SPARCC)
- U of A Athletics Department
- AHL’s Tucson Roadrunners

She also lectures at various national conventions and rehabilitation centers.

Dr. Tanya Polec


What we're all about

Visual Clarity – how clearly you see distant details (at distance)
Contrast Sensitivity – how accurately you judge differences in contrast (different lighting i.e. day game vs night game)
Depth Perception – how accurately you judge depth information (at distance)
Near Far Quickness – how quickly you change attention between different distances (an approaching target)
Perception Span – how quickly you visually acquire critical information (pitch recognition)
Reaction Time – how quickly your hand reacts to a visual signal
Multiple Object Tracking – how accurately you track objects moving in space with distractions


Betiana is a Behavioral Optometrist and Vision Therapist who joined VB in 2020, bringing her international experience into our practice. Her broad expertise includes Syntonic Therapy, Evaluation and Training of Strabismus, and Contact Lenses.

She obtained her degree at the Universidad Nacional de Villa María in Argentina in 2016 and continued her studies in Brazil with Sanet-Vergara Vision Seminars, where she received her Specialization in Behavioral Optometrist in 2018.

In 2020 she completed the program on Neuro Visual Rehabilitation with Dr. Padula.

Betiana had her own practice in Argentina for almost 10 years, where she was taking care of patients with strabismus and amblyopia, learning-related problems, and contact lenses.

She moved to Tucson in 2020 where she joined Dr. Polec’s team, and since then, has been working and helping patients with passionate dedication.


Diane started her career as a vision therapist in 1999 and began training under Dr. Leonard Press in Fair Lawn, NJ.

At the time, Dr. Press was the president of COVD and one of the leading doctors in developmental vision therapy. While working with Dr. Press, Diane began the process of becoming certified as an optometric vision therapist.

Diane earned her certification in 2002 and  has continued to take classes to expand her knowledge base.

She has completed the Padula courses in Neuro-Visual Processing (Optometric) Rehabilitation and Visual/Postural Dysfunction Following a Neurological Event Levels 1-3.


Savanah has been a Vision Therapist and Optician since 2006.

She started her training with Optometrists and Fellows of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Dr. Robert Esposito and Neha Amin.

In 2011, Savanah joined Dr. Aleta B. Gong’s practice as the Lead Vision
Rehabilitation Therapist and Coordinator specializing in Traumatic Brain Injury patients and Autism.

Savanah moved to Tucson from Phoenix May of 2016 to work with Dr. Tanya Polec providing vision therapy to patients who had vision deficiencies as a result of their concussions.

She has also completed the Padula courses in Neuro-Visual Processing (Optometric) Rehabilitation.


From a young age, Bethany has been interested in plants and how they interact with the environment and the body. More specifically, looking at things as a whole, thinking about what the root cause of certain situations would be and taking a more holistic approach to the situations to improve quality of life.

With this idea in mind, Bethany graduated from the University of Arizona in 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in Nutritional Sciences and Plant Sciences.

She has now been with Vision & Balance for over a year in her position as Office Manager/Coordinator.

To increase the quality of patients' visits she has also learned how to assist with the testing and treatment protocols in the office.

Outside of the office, Bethany is currently studying to be a Bioregional Herbalist.


Gemma is our optician and pretesting technician. She assists our doctors with scribing and medical dictation. Medical scribing helps with customized frame selection, giving Gemma a better understanding of patients’ visual difficulties and needs.

As an optician, Gemma aims to find frames that will help patients succeed in their treatment, be a pair of functional glasses, and still feel comfortable and stylish.

Being bilingual, Gemma can also assist by acting as an interpreter for our Spanish speaking patients.

Gemma has worked in the optometry field since 2018 and has achieved certification as an optician by the American Board of Opticianry while working towards her National Contact Lens Examiners certification to become a licensed optician.

As an optician, Gemma is a certified eye care professional that works with and supports our optometrists.

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