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Reduce the fear of falling and regain your balance

There is only one way to see things, until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes.

Eyes, head, and body.

In order to feel balanced, all three systems must agree.

Where there is disruption between the eyes-head-body there is an increased risk of fall and overall function.

Are your systems out of agreement?

Your eyes

Where am I in space and what is straight ahead?
Where are things in relation to me?
How do I program my body to interact? 

Your head

What is up and which way am I facing? 

Your body

How do I move in space and match vision with the ability to reach and grasp and manipulate objects? 

Possible red flags for balance issues:

possible red flags for balance issues
Head tilt
Problems with gait
Face turn
Drifting while walking
Visual streamers
Frequent falls
Loss of balance
Alignment issues
Difficulty in turning and balance

Even a minor concussion can significantly impair your ability to function

“M” is a 50 year old principal of a local school

She reported that following a car accident she was having difficulty with her balance, headaches and couldn’t seem to keep up with the paperwork required when doing her job.

Additionally she said she used to be an avid reader and found she could not enjoy reading anymore.
50 year old principal affected after car accident

A 75 year old retired gentleman after a minor car accident

K is a 75 year old retired gentleman who was having difficulty with reading and balance following a car accident and minor concussion.

He initially thought his glasses needed an adjustment.

An evaluation found that a concussion was the reason his balance was off and why he was having difficulty with reading.
75 year old impact after car accident
There is only one way to see things, until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes.
~ Pablo Picasso

Sometimes, it's not concussion related at all, but caused by an assortment of health problems

A 74 year old who suffered a loss of his peripheral visual field following a stroke.

When he first came into the office he had difficulty with eye hand coordination, his golf game was declining and he was very concerned that he would not be able to maintain his active lifestyle.

Of particular concern to him was he was an avid skier and he was concerned he would not be able to hit the slopes again.

A 74 year old suffering loss of peripheral visual field after stroke

A 72 year old man suffering from Parkinson’s

He came to us asking if we could do anything to help him.

He realized that his illness was progressive but he was having more and more difficulty with balance and wanted to know if we could help.

A 72 year old man suffering from parkinsons

From all walks of life

Retired, working professionals, anyone... regardless the stage of life, their stories ring true for many patients. There is hope!