Lyme Disease

What is Lyme Disease and How Does it Affect Me?

Lyme disease is a tick-borne disease that is caused when bitten by a tick infected by borrelia bacteria. Lyme disease can affect the visual system in many ways. Visual symptoms experienced by patients with Lyme disease include double vision, light sensitivity, tracking issues, difficulty with balance, spatial orientation, memory, and comprehension.

These symptoms usually occur due to the diseases affecting visual processing in the brain. These visual symptoms usually affect confidence in space and quality of life.

How Can We Help?

Our brain’s continue to learn and create neuro-pathways up until the day we pass, so learning new techniques to improve our daily lives while dealing with autism shouldn’t feel impossible. Our customized rehabilitation program helps patients regain confidence in their space, reduce symptoms, and teaches visual strategies for daily living! We believe that everyone is capable of empowering themselves with the knowledge and skills to improve their daily life and reduce symptoms.

Test We Run

Functional Visual Field - This test provides a quick and efficient view of the functional visual color fields. These show us the relationship between the visual system, the body, and the how much space one is able to process and interact with at one time.

RightEye - A 5 minute ocular movement test that uses infrared light to track eye movement and tests baselines for vision tracking, eye-teaming, eye-hand coordination, and other visual tracking impairments.